Psychiatry, meet Cannabis…

I am a 31 year old female with Bipolar Disorder, ADD, and chronic anxiety.  I have a sleep disorder that has been very difficult to treat with conventional medicine. I’m also a recovering addict.  As you can imagine, I take a lot of medication and work closely with my therapist and my doctors.  I have been sober since 2009, and I recently quit smoking after multiple failed attempts.  I happen to smoke pot on a regular basis.  I have not shared this information with my medical team.  This is inherently deceitful, and it threatens the effectiveness of my psychiatric care.  Yet, I have good reason to be afraid to be honest with my doctor. 


The psychiatric field holds the false notion that marijuana is a “gateway drug” and “mood altering substance” that patients use to “self-medicate.”  I have had several well-educated and well-intentioned medical professionals tell me that smoking pot “counteracts the medicine I take” and will lead to a “relapse into my addiction.”  This stance on cannabis use is wholly inaccurate.  It serves only to further the stigma against a safe and effective medical treatment.



There is solid research on the burgeoning field of medical cannabis.  I have found valid and trustworthy research on the benefits of cannabis as an anti-psychotic.  Personal experience has shown me that a small amount of marijuana helps with my nightmares and anxiety/irritability.  Scientists are now able to separate out the many components of cannabis so that treatment can be tailored towards specific medical conditions.  This includes the ability to remove THC so that addicts are less likely to become psychologically dependent.


Marijuana is slowly being accepted into the field of conventional medicine.  It is only a matter of time before it becomes widely legalized for medical and/or recreational use.  I look forward to the day that weed is available for more than just cancer and glaucoma.  Until that day comes, I will continue to be fearful of the random “pee test” or routine traffic stop.  I also, however, will continue to have more peaceful sleep and less anxiety. 


I predict that marijuana will be legal in all fifty states before the psychiatric field changes its unfair stance.  I hope that I’m wrong…




If you think I’m crazy read this article and then read some more


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